Mexican chicken meatballs

I was inspired to make these after reading a basic chicken meatball recipe in The Whole30 cookbook. With most recipes I make (baking aside), I read a recipe and use the ingredients and cooking method as a starting point but ten times out of ten I end up adding something, usually to use up some ingredient I have in the fridge. This day I happen to have cilantro and a Fresno pepper so Mexican won…

Bubble and Squeak

I was a huge fan of this dish when I was living in England and love doing my own take on it whenever I have the opportunity….The lesson here is left-overs do not have to be boring. I find that if reconstituted right they are often better than the original dish.


Easy guacamole that you will end up bringing along with you to every social gathering. And a tip on preventing your guac from turning brown and prolonging its shelf life.

Breakfast Frittata

Behold: a convenient breakfast recipe to start your day, and week, out right.