I am back and have a new found love…beef liver! Once I began reading up on how insanely nutritious beef liver is I knew I had to make it a regular staple in mine and my husband’s diet (I got married!). Beef liver is with no doubt the most nutrient dense food on the planet…yup,…

Shrimp cooked in Parchment

Quick and easy recipe for perfectly cooked shrimp in parchment paper. Assemble ahead of time and just pop in the over at dinner time.

A stocked pantry is your key to success

With the upcoming nutrition challenge about to go down at my gym, I thought I would start sharing some tips on how to prepare so you can succeed.   GET YOUR SPICE GAME ON:  The Zone way of cooking is a bit challenging for me because I am so use to throwing around bacon lard…

Salmon Roasted in Butter and Herbs

What is  more delicious than ANYTHING cooked in butter? Nothing.  Here is the perfect weeknight recipe for salmon (or any fish!) cooked in gorgeous butter and fresh herbs.  This recipe is adapted from my new favorite site, The New York Times by the great Mark Bittman Ingredients 4 tablespoons of grass-fed butter (or any butter,…

Crispy Spiralized Sweet Potatoes

I have spent approximately ten years trying to make CRISPY sweet potato oven-fries to with no avail. Well those days are over thanks to the handy Spiralizer that everyone should have in their life. This is my trusty method , you can use one sweet potato or twelve; just adjust the amount of olive oil and…

Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts roasted in bacon fat; A match made in culinary heaven. The nuttiness of the roasted sprouts paired with the salty smokiness of the silky bacon fat- there is no pre-nup being signed in this holy matrimony; I can assure you at least this much.

Oven-Fried Bacon

Bacon- my favorite of all the food groups.
The best method for making perfectly crisp and delicious bacon.

Paleo Butternut squash lasagna with Bolognese sauce

I am always looking for different ways to eat my delicious and homemade Bolognese sauce (recipe coming soon!) without incorporating pasta.  This recipe passes is a keeper in my kitchen.  By using thinly slices of butternut squash in place of the lasagna noodles is gives it the structure of a traditional lasagna without the refined grains (which I…