Easy guacamole that you will end up bringing along with you to every social gathering. And a tip on preventing your guac from turning brown and prolonging its shelf life.

Breakfast Frittata

Behold: a convenient breakfast recipe to start your day, and week, out right.

How to cut an onion properly

If I had to name a single fundamental cooking skill one must learn to become a better cook it would be, hands down, how to properly cut an onion.  Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to do this and once you learn the right way your life will become so much easier;…

On the rocks

I love learning new and better ways to do things…here is simple way to make iced coffee that will stay strong as the ice melts…use the coffee as ice cubes! It is such an obvious method yet you never see it done. You are welcome.

How about a cup of coffee to start…

Well, the day has arrived;  I have finally started a food blog!  For anyone that knows me, this endeavor will not come as a surprise.  I live for food.  It is my favorite thing to talk about, in depth, all day long.  The subject brings me to life, and now it is time to share with…