Breakfast Frittata

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  -Benjamin Franklin

I find this nugget of wisdom to be most true when it comes to eating healthy during the craziness of the 40 hour work week.  My Sunday afternoons are usually filled with prep cooking for the week.  By spending just a couple of hours on Sunday preparing for the week ahead it will send you on a path to healthy eating all week long with minimal effort.  You just need to put the time in up front.

Personally, I find it’s essential to start the day out on the right note, but breakfast seems to be a place where most people get tripped up.  As we are rushing out the door in the morning it’s tempting to grab a bowl of cereal, a pastry at the coffeeshop, or even skip breakfast entirely.  But you don’t have to doom yourself to a day of hunger cravings and sugar crashes! Behold: a convenient breakfast recipe to start your day, and week, out right.

The Breakfast Frittata (here is a one of the many variations of this frittata that I make.)

Breakfast Frittata with Pork Shoulder Bacon and Broccoli


  • You can swap out individual ingredients based on your personal preferences, but don’t skimp on the veggies!
  • Pork shoulder bacon can be swapped for sausage (I like using chicken sausage), bacon or ham.  Or you can make this frittata vegetarian by leaving the meat out entirely.
  • I use at least one green vegetable; either spinach, kale, asparagus or broccoli.
  • I leave out the cheese to keep it “paleo-friendly,” but feel free to add it if that makes you happy 🙂
  • After the frittata has cooled off I cut it up like a pizza into six portions, if using a 12″ pan.
  • Just re-heat in the microwave for 45 seconds each morning.


Makes six hearty portions.  Prep: ten minutes Cook: ten minutes

2 crowns of broccoli, stems separated from the florets, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1 yellow onion, chopped
8 oz. packet of Applegate Uncured Good Moring Bacon
10 large eggs
2 teaspoons of coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
1/4 teaspoon sea salt

Prepare the bacon:  Heat a 12 inch oven proof skillet over medium high heat.  Place the bacon slices on a plastic cutting board and slice into 3/4 inch pieces.  Once the skillet is heated place the chopped bacon in the preheated pan.


Chop the onion:  Chop the onion to a medium dice (refer to this post for tips on this)
Once the bacon starts browning up add the onion and cook until it starts to soften.

Add the broccoli:  Separate the broccoli stalks from the florets and chop into 3/4 inch pieces.  Once the onion starts to soften, add the stalks to the skillet.  Add florets after 3-4 minutes and toss the bacon, onion and broccoli together. *Broccoli tip for life:  Broccoli stalks and florets cook at  a different rate (stalks need more cooking time) so it is best to separate them so they are evenly cooked no matter what you are cooking.

Add coconut oil:  Turn the heat down to medium low and add coconut oil (or butter), swish the oil around to evenly distribute it in the skillet.

Heat the broiler.

Add eggs:  Crack eggs into medium size bowl, add a tablespoon of water, a pinch of salt and pepper and whisk vigorously with a fork.

Add the eggs and nudge the broccoli around so it is level with the egg mixture. Cook gently until the bottom starts to set.

Once the bottom is set, transfer to the broiler for 1-3 minutes, keeping a close eye on it, until eggs are set on top.

Let cool for five minute before cutting into wedges.

And just like that, you have breakfast for the whole week.












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