I believe that food should be nourishing; it is the fuel that makes everything you want to accomplish during your day possible.  If you are eating whole foods that are rich in nutrients, your body will thank you.  I also believe that food should always be prepared to showcase its depth of flavor.

Despite our best intentions, life gets hectic and family time is precious while meal-prep is time consuming.  This is where I come in.  

Together we will determine what your weekly meal needs are, and from there I will design a healthy and delicious menu to help fuel you and your family.  All meals are prepared in your home and at your convenience; they can be enjoyed hot out of the oven or stored to keep you well-fed throughout the week.

I am well versed in cooking many dietary styles and preferences, including Paleo, The Zone, Macros, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, AIP, and of course, traditional home-style cooking.

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– Kelly

What my weekly food prep looks like!

From bottom left, clockwise: Mexican chicken meatballs, bacon, cauliflower rice, Brussels spouts, chicken hash, roasted broccoli and pork ribs with a dry rub.