Caprese salad

The prettiest of all the salads; heirloom tomatoes and basil from the garden paired with fresh mozzarella….assembling it is my favorite part. Make this tonight, it takes no time at all.

What you need….

Garden tomatoes… I like mixing red and yellow so it’s more visually appealing- one tomato per person approximately

Fresh basil- I leaf for ever slice

Fresh mozzarella – approximately one ball over every two tomatoes

Good olive oil

Salt & pepper


Slice tomatoes  a 1/2 inch thick

Slice mozzarella balls 1/2 inch think and then cut each round in half

To assemble select a pretty dish to showcase the beautiful tomatoes. I think using a round dish with low sides (as pictured) but a rectangular or square dish or even a simple plate will works just as well.

Assemble starting with a slice of tomato followed by a basil leaf and a pice of mozzarella. Once complete sprinkle with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and drizzle with olive oil.

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